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Broker 2 completes 70% shooting


‘Broker 2’ which is produced and directed by Maddineni Ramesh is taking shape briskly. According to him 70% of the shooting has been completed so far. He announced that the remaining part of talkie will be completed in this month, complete post productions in November and release the film in December. ‘Broker 2’ is about women’s role in politics and how their popularity is being used for politics. This is the sequel to ‘Broker’. Posani Krishna Murali is playing the central role in this film. A new actress named Sneha has paired up with Posani in this film. Other artists are Siri, Benerjee, Jeeva, Kaadambari, Prabhu, Giri, Shobha, etc.

Dialogues: Yarlagadda Nagendra Dev, Srini Teraala; Lyrics: Chaitanya Prasad; Camera: Venkat; Story, production & direction: Maddineni Ramesh.