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Our Pride... Our Memories..! - PVP on PV Sindhu

Our Pride.. Our memories!!!

Heartiest congratulations to our pride, PV Sindhu and coach Gopi for their remarkable achievement.

It is her perseverance and relentless quest for excellence coupled with deep dedication over several years that has united the country in euphoria.

Sindhu has been one of the finest ambassadors for women's empowerment and young Indian accomplishment at the world stage and I would like to extend my compliments as she comes in to Hyderabad today following her Rio rendezvous.

An inspiration to us and generations to come! It is a game changer of an event where each and every one in society will be called upon to extend support for sport and its achievers in the highest echelons.

Leaders guide nations, stars entertain, but it is our Sindhu's, Sachin's and Saina's that unite the country. They create these unique moments in our Indian history where we all rise above religion and region!

Personally, I have had the good fortune to have been part of this sport being a team owner. The most privileged part of my life was spent travelling with young badminton players and witnessing their passions have truly inspired me. I urge you all to build your own wonderful memories of grooming and supporting a gully player or a national champion or an Olympian in the various sporting activities that our nation pursues. It is all of our collective energies and wishes that support our athletes, and their performances inturn inspire the nation and its citizens!!!

Thank you Sindhu & Gopi for rallying the nation behind you. Thanks again for instilling pride in people like us to have known you