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Upasana's post trolled for 'insulting' Hindu sentiments


Upasana Kamineni, the entrepreneur and wife of actor Ram Charan, has been trolled for a particular social media post she made on January 26. In the post, the Mega 'kodalu' shared a so-called artistic image of a temple where people from different religions are seen sitting/standing on the temple architectural motifs.

A lot of Netizens have asked Upasana to delete the post for allegedly offending the sentiments of Hindus. "This is an edited temple image in which people are standing and sitting with their shoes and slippers. Very bad, you are insulting everyone," Naveen Kumar Chokkarapu wrote.

Netizens are trolling her for demonstrating "Wokism" and "fake liberalism". "This is extremely offensive! The temple is not a piece of art. The temple is the Deity. Culturally illiterate fools who want to indulge in vacuous virtue signaling in the name of inclusion should practice what they preach and use their own profile pictures to create art," tweeted Ashima Kaul.

Upasana has not deleted the post so far.