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Cricketer Venkatesh Prasad on Sacin - Tendulkar Kaadhu

You made a name for yourself as a star cricketer in the hearts of audience and fans. Now you made your cinematic debut through Telugu-Kannada bilingual film ‘Sachin’. How are you feeling about the release of your debut film?

I’ve a good relationship with Hyderabad. I like Hyderabad Biryani and Irani Chai. I can’t speak Telugu, but I can understand. ‘Sachin’-Tendulkar Kaadhu was released recently in Kannada and received appreciations from critics and audience. It has earned good name to me. Not just that, the film was screened at International Film Festival. Now, it is releasing in Telugu on March 13. I’m very happy that I’m getting bumper offers.

What is it like acting in films as a cricketer?

I played the role of a cricket coach for a boy named Sachin along with some other boys. Cinema and cricket are connected with each other. (Smiles) Cricket has no retakes, but acting has retakes.

What was it like sharing the screen space with senior actress like Suhasini?

I’m new to acting. And that too I’ve to act with senior actress Suhasini. I felt nervous and tensed. But Suhasini garu taught me how to stand in front of the camera, how to dub my lines and how to act. I feel that if she was not there I wouldn’t have acted in the film. I was impressed with Suhasini madam’s character in the film than my character. I’m thankful to her.

Do you continue in acting in cinemas?

If a good opportunity like ‘Sachin’ comes my way, I’ll take it up.

Our team India is climbing the ladder of success. Your comments?

Our team has all youth players. They are playing well beyond our expectations. If they continue like that we can achieve the success.

Do you give suggestions to our India team?

Of course I’ll definitely give. Young players needs suggestions from senior players. Seniors’ experience must be added to the young talent.

Do you have any feeling while acting in a film titled ‘Sachin’?

Why should I feel? I’m very happy and proud to be part of this wonderful film titled ‘Sachin’.