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Fishermen’s sense of timing saves Manchu Lakshmi & Aadi Pinisetty’s life

The lady who appeared in couple of Hollywood flicks had to literally experience a traumatic situation while shooting for a flick she is producing and acting for. It is near Chinchinada village where Lakshmi Manchu was to act in a scene along with Aadi Pinisetty for the movie ‘Gundello Godaari’ which she is producing. The scene is a flood scene which is supposed to be created by opening the gates of a reservior. When all set, the gates (six numbers) were opened at a time creating a flood like situation and no doubt it was truly as expected which caught the actors by surprise resulting in their being washed away for a considerable distance. The local fishermen with their right sense of timing immediately swung into action and saved Manchu Lakshmi and Aadi Pinishetty who by then were washed away atleast to a distance of 400 feet. It’s good to notice such safe fall-back arrangement in the form of fishermen while shooting such critical scenes.