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Countdown starts for Nagarjuna’s 100th film


With ‘Bhai’, Nagarjuna will complete his 95th film score and his next ‘Manam’ will be his 96th. So now, the countdown begins for his 100th film which Nag calls it a landmark of his career just the way a century in cricket match is a landmark for a cricketer. The actor, who turned 54 today, is growing younger and younger with each passing year. He did movies right from love, friendship, family, devotion and action. Now he is looking forward to one such director who can direct his 100th film with a subject that he never touched before. Let’s see who that lucky director would be, to come out with a special subject.

Meanwhile, his ‘Bhai’ and ‘Manam’ are under production with ‘Bhai’ reaching the last leg of shooting. With the song shoot in Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad from 3rd September, the entire shooting will be completed. The film is most likely to hit theaters for Dusserra. According to Nag, ‘Bhai’ is a complete entertainer with rib-tickling comedy and good punch dialogues in lines with ‘Hello Brother’.