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Vijaya Krishna Productions’ film titled ‘Inkenti ? Nuvve Cheppu!’

‘Inkenti? Nuvve Cheppu!’ title was confirmed to the new film which will be made under Vijaya Krishna Productions banner with Sivasri Meegada as director. Shooting will starts from 25th of January in Vizag. “The film will be made as a youthful entertainer with love, suspense and comedy elements and it also carries a message,” said producer A Vijay Kumar. “The film will be made in new format which will be different from all routine youthful entertainers. The entire shooting will take place in Vizag. The hunt for the cast and crew is going on and we will soon reveal the details,” said director Sivasri Meegada.

Producer: A Vijay Kumar; Story-Screenplay-Direction: Sivasri Meegada.