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Synopsis of Malupu

One word said in resentment puts the lives of four friends under severe threat. With three of the friends bailing out, a middle class college student is left alone to stand against the most powerful mob lord of Mumbai.

Malupu is based on a true incident that happened in the lives of four friends. An unexpected incident on a new year's eve , flipped their lives dramatically testing their friendship, character and the lives of people around them.

Who are these four friends? How are they connected to the mob lord? Will they stand tall against the test of fate?. The plot unfolds as a tense thriller examining the characters' vulnerability and the emotions that bind a human relationship.

"Can one word change your life? It changed theirs"

Aadhi as Saga

He was eccentric in Mrugam, authentic in Vaishali and extraordinary in Eka Veera, Aadhi has always carried a heavy package for his age and experience in the industry. In Malupu, Aadhi plays the role of a middle class college student who is forced to stand against the most powerful mob leader of Mumbai. After 2 years he returns in a role that is completely distinct to the last time he was seen in the big screen.

Mithun Chakraborty as Muthaliyar

Three time National Award Winner, a true legend and a master who needs no introduction in the Indian Cinema, Mithun Chakraborty plays the role of a powerful Mob Leader of Mumbai. The character inspired Mithu da so much that he decided to perform for the first time in a direct South Indian feature film. His power packed stellar performance is one of the key highlights of Malupu.

Niki Galrani as Lasya

Nikki Galrani, known for her serene beauty and lively performance in Malayalam film industry makes her debut in Kollywood as the female lead of Malupu. As Lasya she brings in a quirky, chirpy , bubbly character on screen that is sure to steal the hearts of many young men.

Pasupathi as Deva

Aadhi and Pasupathi delivered a power packed performance in Eka Veera. Malupu sets up a completely different context to exhibit their chemistry. Paspupathi plays the role of a powerful gangster of Vizagi who can make or break things at his wish. His role as Deva portrays the vulnerable human side of a gangster in a realistic fashion and his struggle between compassion and authority.

Harish Uthaman As Guna

The new villain in the town, Hairsh has already raised many eyebrows with his mighty performance in Palnadu. In Malupu Harish plays the role of Guna, the son and successor of Muthaliyar who is looked upon with fear and respect. Guna's character is meant to justify the famous mob statement of all times " All's fair in love and war.

Richa Pallod as Priya

After a brief hiatus Richa Pallod returns to Big Screen in a powerful role as the daughter of Mithun Chakraborty. The role demanded someone who looks elegant and act sophisticated. A natural performer, Richa has delivered her role with ease and at most conviction.

Nassar as Police Commissioner

A vetran actor and the most versatile in our industry, Nassar has performed the role of an honest commissioner who is stuck between duty and emotions. Though he has played several cop roles in the past, this performance in Malupu will sand out to show

whey he is the best in the industry in what he does.

Kitti as Maran

Another seasoned veteran plays a significant role as the counsellor of Mithun Chakraborty. With his powerful features and unique voice Kitti is sure to deliver yet another finest performance on-screen.

Naraen and Pragathi as Mr.& Mrs. Krishnan

Two of the finest supporting artstes of the current generation, Narain and Pragathi will surely bring in a fresh air with their cute combination. Sharing the screen for the first time as Husband and Wife, they portray the dreamy middle class life with at most honesty and maturity.

Shyam, Sree Karthik and Siddarth as Friends

Young, energetic and multi-talented professionals. While Shyam is already a popular face through his matured performance in Love Failure and Ek Deewana tha, Sree Karthik and Siddarth team up to form a group of formidable friends. Malupu is about four friends and the gang has delivered a stunning performance that will be take us back to our fun days in college and this gang will be remembered as one of the honest portrayal of friendship in Tamil cinema or the years to come.